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About the artist

Beth Williams is a student at Weymouth College, currently studying on the course Contemporary Fine Art Practice. Here I am going to talk a bit about Beth’s passion for art, inspiration, and her aspirations as an emerging artist.

Her enjoyment for art is ever growing with each piece she actively creates, finding new sources of inspiration to fuel her artwork. As a student studying Fine Art, she is working towards her dream career in the art industry and her aim is to continuously develop her work to ensure her creative future doing the thing that she loves for a living.

In her practice she incorporates different mediums such as acrylic paint, oil pastels and plastics within her work, building up energetic layers of expressive marks. Within her most recent projects she harnesses her passion for art to reflect her views on our world, aiming to educate people and spread her message on the subject of pollution. Her abstract paintings come with a meaning behind them, provoking thought for her audience, pushing them to think deeper about the topic at hand and the importance behind it. To her art is more than what is initially seen on the surface, it is in fact what is behind her pieces that is the most meaningful element.


A quote from the artist:

"This course has provided me with a lot of support in developing my personal practice and skills within fine arts. In addition, its helped me expand my knowledge into professional practice allowing me to have the opportunity and wider skills to take my passion further and turn it into my dream career."

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